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Where is Ancestral Raw Nutrition source from & how is the food made:

We're proud to be sourcing high-quality, human-grade, and USDA-inspected meat from farms local to the Midwest. We only work with farms that never administer hormones and antibiotics & are certified humane. The meat contains no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no fillers, no water, no supplements, no by-products, and no added sodium. It is 100% natural, pure raw meat. 

Does Ancestral RawNutrition use organic meats? Hormone & antibiotic free?

We do not claim to be certified organic as the price point for organic meats is costly and we always try to keep all of our products affordable for all of our customers but rest assured all of the meat used is antibiotic & hormone-free, humanly raised, Non-GMO Verified, and 100% Grass-Fed & Pasture Raised.

What do the pucks weigh?
Our pucks are pressed at 4 ounces as they come through our puck machine. Please keep in mind that as the pucks thaw during transit or are thawed at home and then weighed this will affect the weight as raw foods tend to be 60% or more moisture, any loss of moisture due to thawing may slightly reduce the overall weight.