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Baked Treats

Baked Treats


Baked treats are unequivocally the best grain-free option for your pets. No other ingredients are added.

The raw ingredient is dried at such a low temperature that its nutrient value remains uncompromised.

Dehydrated Green Lipped MusselDehydrated Green Lipped Mussel
Dehydrated Pig Ears
Dehydrated Pig Snout
Dehydrated Pig Skin Rolls - 1 pieceDehydrated Pig Skin Rolls - 1 piece
Dehydrated Pig Pizzle
Dehydrated Training Treats
Dehydrated Beef Ears
Dehydrated Beef Brain
Dehydrated Beef TracheaDehydrated Beef Trachea
Dehydrated Beef Trachea - 1 piece
Dehydrated Lamb Trachea
Dehydrated Beef Heart
Dehydrated Beef LungDehydrated Beef Lung
Dehydrated Beef AortaDehydrated Beef Aorta
已售完Dehydrated Beef Organ Bites
Dehydrated Beef Kidney
Dehydrated Beef Liver
Dehydrated Beef Spleen
Dehydrated Bull PizzleDehydrated Bull Pizzle
Dehydrated Beef Tendon
Dehydrated Bull Testicles
已售完Dehydrated Beef Organ Topper
Dehydrated Smelt
Dehydrated Duck HeadDehydrated Duck Head
Dehydrated Duck FeetDehydrated Duck Feet
已售完Dehydrated Chicken HeartDehydrated Chicken Heart
Dehydrated Chicken Foot
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