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Artículo: Life Changing Benefits of a Raw Diet

Life Changing Benefits of a Raw Diet
benefits of raw

Life Changing Benefits of a Raw Diet

Is a Raw Diet Safe for My Pet?

This might seem like an obvious answer to some, given the fact that animals since before the Modern Era when humans started bringing animals into their domestic environments, always hunted for their food. Just like wolves, bear, lions, birds and most non-homosapien creatures, dogs and cats hunted to survive. Due to the industrial, commercialized, heavily packaged and processed diets of people, the food complex quickly found the vast profitability of mass-market food for our pets too. This is not only in the US, this is a global belief that dogs and cats for some reason, need to eat 'food' products filled with grains, by products, chemicals and more in order to eat properly. This is simply not the case. Let us share with you the life changing benefits to feeding your pet a raw diet

If you have never fed your pet a raw diet, you probably have safety concerns as to whether their guts can handle it - the important thing to know is that a company like ours will have your pet's health and wellbeing in mind and would never risk any harm as it would be detrimental to the life of our business. Our family chose to invest our energy and time to the pursuit of the most nutritious, natural food source for our pets and yours - trust us when we say your dog or cat returning to a prey modal diet is what Ancestral Raw Nutrition is all about. 

How Does a Pet Food Company Assure Raw is Safe?

It's not easy! At Ancestral Raw Nutrition we work tirelessly to assure ourselves and our loyal customers that we've taken all the necessary steps to ensure our raw pet food is100% safe from food-borne pathogens.

  • We Test the Product - Testing makes sure all our raw product are completely free of harmful pathogens before releasing for public sale.

  • High-Pressure Processing  - Each product package passes through a secure metal detector for any unsafe materials. Our meat products are also USDA approved.

  • Local Sourcing - Ancestral Raw Nutrition sources our meat locally for the high-quality ingredients. We also work to source as sustainably as we can. 

  • State and Federal Regulations - We are 100% USDA approved.

Let's remember too that pets, even the most pampered pooch has a strong digestive system. Their internal systems are designed to eat raw meat. If you want to be sure, just look at the shape of your dog or cat's teeth; those chompers were created by nature to shred prey and chew tough bone and cartilage. Giving our dogs and cats raw food will return them to their natural feeding instincts. As much as we want to cuddle and baby them, they are still animals that instinctively want to run wild and hunt prey for their food. 

Introducing Raw Food to Your Pet

Now let's talk about how you begin the process of introducing raw food into your pet's diet. This can be a significant change that will need a gradual approach and  patience to track your pet's individual needs and preferences. 

  • Take It Slow Transitioning to raw food take a little time so you avoid digestive upsets. Most of our customers start by mixing a small amount of raw food with their pet's current diet and incrementally increase the amount over a period of several days or weeks. Ancestral Raw Nutrition offers our customers guidelines designed to help you adjust the proportion of raw food in your pet's diet gradually.
  • Watch & Monitor Pay close attention to your pet's behavior toward the raw food introduction during the transition period. Keep an eye out for signs of any digestive discomfort, such as loose stools or vomiting. If you notice any digestive upsets, taper the transition process. Be patient and flexible and adjust the pace based on your pet's individual response. You can also contact us directly for any advice or feedback on your pet's experience with their new raw diet. 
  • Speak to Your Vet If tummy or pooping issues persist, consult with your veterinarian. Most vets are pro-raw and they can provide guidance on adjusting your feeding plan or recommend specific dietary changes to address your pet's needs.
  • Make Sure They Like Raw Take to heart that your pet might need time to adjust and find raw food palatable. Animals, like humans, have individual taste preferences, and it's important that your pet enjoys the flavor of the new diet. Is your dog a beef or chicken lover? Does your cat crave fleshy foods but prefers fish? Keep an eye on your pet's enthusiasm for the raw food. We offer a variety of meat, add-on and treat options so they have endless choices.

Top Health Benefits of a Raw Diet

According to the National Cattleman's Association, feeding your pet a raw diet can significantly aid in the development of a stronger immune system, offering a range of benefits derived from its unprocessed and nutrient-dense nature. Raw diets are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, providing a diverse array of nutrients that support the overall health of your pet. All of this plays a crucial role in boosting the immune system, helping your pet ward off infections and disease. The abundance of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc, among others, enhances your pet's ability to combat pathogens and maintain optimal health from springtime to winter.

A raw diet can positively impact digestion, promoting a healthier gastrointestinal system. The unprocessed nature of raw food allows for the retention of natural enzymes and beneficial bacteria that aid in the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. This improved digestive function not only ensures that your pet receives the full spectrum of nutrients from their diet but also supports the overall well-being of their immune system.

Did you know feeding your pet a 100% natural, raw diet is known for its potential to reduce inflammation in the body. Just like with humans, chronic inflammation can weaken the immune response over time, making the body more susceptible to infections and illnesses. The anti-inflammatory properties of raw, unprocessed foods can help mitigate this risk, creating an environment within your pet's body that is less conducive to the development of diseases. Less visits to the vet!

Less Allergic Reactions

Transitioning your pet to a raw diet can prove to be a worthwhile plan for managing and reducing allergic reactions, especially those appearing as symptoms like incessant paw licking, itchy skin, and redness. Allergies especially in dogs, are often triggered by food which has often been manufactured with grains that canines cannot tolerate which leads to discomfort and a noticebly reduced quality of life. When you decide to make what they eat truly life-sustaining such as a protein-rich, raw diet, you're offering them a chance to live allergy free which in turns give you a happier, more comfortable existence for your pet.

Healthier Skin & Coat

Feeding your pet a raw diet yields remarkable benefits, particularly in the realm of skin and coat health. The clear improvement in these areas is one of the most notable advantages of embracing a raw feeding regimen. Raw diets are inherently rich in essential nutrients that play a pivotal role in maintaining the health and appearance of your pet's skin and coat.

The nutrient density of raw diets contributes to the overall clarity and health of your pet's skin. Essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids present in raw food support the skin's natural functions, helping to alleviate common issues such as dryness, flakiness, and irritation. The result is a visibly clearer and healthier skin complexion, showcasing the positive impact of a well-balanced and nutrient-rich diet.

Furthermore, a raw diet enhances the shine and luster of your pet's coat. Essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, are abundant in raw food and are crucial for maintaining coat health. These fatty acids promote a glossy and well-hydrated coat, reducing the likelihood of dandruff and contributing to a visibly improved coat texture.

Strong, Teeth & Gums

Additionally, benefits for overall health, the adoption of raw diets for dogs and cats contributes significantly to the improvement of their dental health. The ancestral qualities of uncooked meat, bones, and organs in raw diets play a major role in maintaining oral hygiene, offering a natural and effective means to keep teeth clean, free of tartar, and plaque.

One of the main ways a raw diet aids in your pet's dental health is - raw bones. The act of chewing on raw bones provides a natural opportunity for mechanically cleaning a pet's teeth. The abrasive texture of bones helps to scrape away plaque and tartar, preventing the buildup of these dental nasties that can lead to oral health problems. The chewing action also stimulates the gums, promoting blood circulation and supporting the overall health of the oral tissues and keep your pet from pain and the loss of their teeth. 

One of the best things to remember when feeding raw is the absence of processed and grain-based ingredients which further leads to better dental health. Processed foods, especially those containing high levels of carbohydrates (i.e., empty fillers), can quickly produce plaque and tartar. By contrast, raw diets minimize the intake of such elements, reducing the risk of dental issues commonly associated with commercial pet foods.

Increased Energy & Happiness

Our customers rave about the increase in energy levels and vitality that really stands out as particularly noticeable with their pets once they started feeding them a raw diet. The inherent nature of uncooked food, rich in proteins and fats, provides a sustainable and pure source of energy for pets, contributing to an increase in vitality and overall well-being.

Raw diets are known for their higher protein and fat content compared to conventional kibble diets. Protein and fat are essential macronutrients that serve as potent energy sources for pets. The elevated levels of these nutrients in raw food translate into increased energy levels for animals, enabling them to engage in more vigorous physical activities and exhibit a livelier personality too.

Raw is the Best Choice

The growing appeal of raw diets for dogs and cats lies in the endless health benefits that set them apart from traditional, nutrient weak kibble. As caring pet owners increasingly choose the well-being of their furry buddies, the shift toward raw diets reflects a strong desire to nourish their pets with superior food options while steering clear of harmful chemicals and preservatives often found in mass marketed, processed pet foods.

For anyone considering an alternative diet for their pets, a raw diet by Ancestral Raw Nutrition is the #1 choice for offering you a path to optimize the nutritional value of each meal your feed your pet. Our devotion to sourcing high quality ingredients will not only sustain the life of your dog or cat but will enhance the fitness and joyfulness of your furry best friend.

As always, be sure to follow us on social media, you can find our handle @ancestralrawnutrition on Instagram and Facebook. 

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